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We offer free second opionion options on system repair and replacements.

We also offer finacing options

Average Cost of Services

Based local services and our expertise the price range differs due to the complexity and needs of the service.

Second Opinion


Visual Inspection of the unit

Customer Concerns

Part / Unit Apprasial

Estimated Cost

Preventative Maintence


$ 99*

21 Points of Inspection

  1. Start furnace at thermostat

  2. Inspect interior service cabinet for dust, dirt, debris & biological growth

  3. Inspect return air plenum

  4. Inspect blower compartment

  5. Inspect blower wheel for build up

  6. Take blower amp draw

  7. Check blower run capacitor

  8. Check ignition control module for proper sequence of operation

  9. Check condition of hot surface ignitor

  10. Check condition of flame sensor

  11. Check gas valve operation

  12. Check gas pressure incoming/output

  13. Check pressure switch operation

  14. Check burner baffles

  15. Check wiring harnesses and plugs

  16. Check high limit switch operation

  17. Check rollout switch operation

  18. Check heat rise

  19. Check air supply air/return temperatures

  20. Check for presence of CO monitors

  21. Check for CO content in air

System Repair

$79* Sevice Call


  • R410a - $150lb

  • R22 - $200lb (if we have any in stock)

New Seer2 System

  • Pricing Varies

Air &Duct Cleaning - $129

*Service Call is included in New System Costs and Priority Install

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